Batman vs The Riddler

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Batman vs  The Riddler

Batman vs The Riddler in Riddler's Reform

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I wish the writters didn't make a way for Batman to escape (no safes and nothing) so even we and the writters don't know how he survived that only Batman.
Joker Stine 2 месяца назад
Jessie Eisenberg would have made a better riddler than lex luthor
DOGcity99 2 месяца назад
Am I the only one who feels sorry for him?
KokaKolaKan 3 месяца назад
Riddle me this: What is Jerusalem worth?
Jeff the bot 2 месяца назад
a life
Jeff the bot 2 месяца назад
KokaKolaKan a life
Paulie Walnuts 2 месяца назад
CosmicUndeadElf 4 месяца назад
Let me guess, he hid inside the fridge?
Ronald Mackall 21 день назад
he hid inside of a large safe that the Riddler had in the room.
RuiN_ Reerun 3 месяца назад
Even if he hid somewhere he still wouldve been dead
CosmicUndeadElf 4 месяца назад
+Tad Strange Yeah was just making a reference to the last Indiana Jones movie, lol
Tad Strange 4 месяца назад
Nope, safe
Fakenit66 5 месяцев назад
Lazy writing.
Grainger McCarthy 5 месяцев назад
the episode is called riddler reformed if you want to watch it! but, spoilers, batman gets out by crawling into a safe, seen at 1:44
Fakenit66 5 месяцев назад
+Grainger McCarthy Oh, how is that? is there another video you can link?
Grainger McCarthy 5 месяцев назад
they actually tell how he gets out later in the episode.
Park Sangbae 5 месяцев назад
so.? tell me how to batman get out of there
The_Badass_Warrior 5 месяцев назад
One of my favorite Episodes in the Show and this one of Riddlers Best!
Kyle Smith 6 месяцев назад
id like neil patrick harris to play the riddler
CaptainBardiel 1 месяц назад
Jim Parsons.
Shelby Beckman 6 месяцев назад
This was a recommended video. I'm fine with that.
Marilyn Vale 7 месяцев назад
I love him so much! best villain ever and he's so underrated next to the likes of Joker! 💚💚💚💚💚 ❓
Marilyn Vale 6 месяцев назад
+Raed Rahman 😉
Raed Rahman 7 месяцев назад
+Marilyn Vale Couldnt agree more!
gamesmaster35 8 месяцев назад
He hid in the only Safe place
Lyric Powell 8 месяцев назад
DeAlexander Monologues 8 месяцев назад
Classy Riddler.
Joshua Pichardo 9 месяцев назад
I know how he did it he hid in the jack in the box
Executive 1 9 месяцев назад
leonardo dicaprio should play the riddler in a batman movie
don fan 1 день назад
Executive 1 are u kidd me?
Ben Grimm 9 месяцев назад
Riddle me this what is worth a million on YouTube
Eric Lohndorf 5 месяцев назад
+xSGxLeGeNdZz answer: nothing
Roin 5 месяцев назад
+Eric Lohndorf bleach
Eric Lohndorf 5 месяцев назад
Riddle me this, what to rich people need, poor people have, and if you eat it, you die
King Elijah 6 месяцев назад
Pewdiepie's channel.
Gio Mio 9 месяцев назад
whats the name of this Episode and Season??
shooter downunder 9 месяцев назад
Riddlers reform. Third season
ajpartyjam 9 месяцев назад
Riddler: wait a minute! aren't you going to tell me how you did it? that's not fair! Me: life's not fair. *blows air horn*
MF Boom 10 месяцев назад
This guy his in a fridge lol
Zenardo 10 месяцев назад
The greatest almost got him story ever. Before Mad Love of course.
Zencast5 11 месяцев назад
Paul Dini had a hard time time with make a episode based on the Riddler without it being too long or too silly.
Astarthe89 11 месяцев назад
if you look close at 0:16, you can actually see the open safe next to the water tank in the houdini exhibit.
Jarvis jUiCe Landry #FinsUp 6 месяцев назад
+Astarthe89 oh I see I see
Astarthe89 6 месяцев назад
thats the solution to the riddle, batman hides in the safe to survive the explosion.
Jarvis jUiCe Landry #FinsUp 6 месяцев назад
Ok what does that mean?
Omair Sheikh 1 год назад
They chose such fantastic voice actors in this series.
MovableRex 2 месяца назад
Random Animations u
Random Animations 5 месяцев назад
The best part? Someof them were reused in the games.
drkinferno72 1 год назад
It's funny because Riddler psychologically has the compulsion to tell the truth lol
Vali Szabóné 9 месяцев назад
+drkinferno72 He always tells the truth. If you want to put him behind bars, you just have to ask: how many crimes have you committed and how in a trial. Somehow noone clever enough to do that.
Justin Carter 1 год назад
It's never fair Riddler. It's never fair. lol
Diego Bareno 1 год назад
How can an inflatable carry an actual gun
Tom Linn 9 месяцев назад
+Diego Bareno My question is HOW did it shoot it. And how did he escape?!
Dallin Nguyen 1 год назад
how he did it?
Aubrey Smoake 2 месяца назад
I know how he escaped it
Aubrey Smoake 2 месяца назад
Dallin Nguyen I know how escaped it..
daworse72 1 год назад
saw this episode. batman hid in a safe as the building blew up. they need to bring batman, superman, and justice League back!!
soberchimera61 1 год назад
Batman: Did you get that? Gordon: Nope Batman: Oh shit..well I hid in the safe.
Simon Briggs (Tom-Nomis) 3 месяца назад
ThunderPaladin That's a good theory. Jamming the locking mechanism.
ThunderPaladin 6 месяцев назад
didn't have to lock the safe to get in it. :) Or wedge it open just slightly with a batarang.
Stagskull 7 месяцев назад
+soberchimera61 How did he get out.
Damon McCray 9 месяцев назад
Insertnameherebecauseidkwhattonamemyself 9 месяцев назад
+angelofdarkness1515 0:16
ImonlyJK 1 год назад
Oh Plot Armor. you strange entity
Kasparovwannabe 1 год назад
They actually give a perfectly reasonable explanation in the show
MaitreChef S117 1 год назад
my childhood
SirSirupy 1 год назад
How did he survive, seriously??
Mono Nonny 1 год назад
+142doddy Thanks! :D
SirSirupy 1 год назад
142doddy 1 год назад
Hid in a safe.
gorrow1990 1 год назад
Either that timer was off or Batman was really fast. He jumped into the safe in less than 2 seconds LOL.
Snot Nose The Goblin 11 месяцев назад
+gorrow1990 He's REALLY fast lol
Terry Rodbourn 1 год назад
He jump into a safe, that's how he survived!
ArnoldFTW97 7 месяцев назад
+The Fan Without a Face would he survive if he hid in the dinosaur what do you think?
The Fan Without a Face 7 месяцев назад
Safe was damaged enough in the blast to where he could get out.
Santouryu3 1 год назад
+Terry Rodbourn But wait, how does he get out? Blow torch? :s
batman Knight 1 год назад
Back animated series come back my favorite show
Racheal The Girl Robin 1 год назад
Riddler is funny. He'll never learn that Batman will always win. Same goes for Loki, who thinks he stronger than Thor.
Racheal The Girl Robin 1 год назад
+wildatheart499 True Dat
wildatheart499 1 год назад
+Racheal The Girl Robin But that's the problem with superheroes they will just lock Loki up but he will just escape in a month or two.
Racheal The Girl Robin 1 год назад
+Kassie Mac oh ok then. :)
Kassie Mac 1 год назад
+Racheal The Girl Robin Don't sell yourself short … you know more about some characters that I know nothing about. And I only connect to Loki from the recent movies … in the comics before he really was a villain who just enjoyed messing with others just for fun. Again, sorry for hijacking your thread … I know it was supposed to be about Batman v Riddler. What I know of the Riddler is pretty despicable, and seeing Loki described as being like him just hurt my heart. I'm just being over-sensitive, that's all.
Racheal The Girl Robin 1 год назад
+Kassie Mac But I'm just a kid, and I know more about Robin and Batman than of Loki. So you must know more than me :)
McKenzie Cooper 1 год назад
I'm trying to hear if John Glover ever did anything resembling Lionel as his performance as the Riddler, but I can't hear it.
MeganiteDuelist92 6 месяцев назад
You'd have to wait for the Riddler's maniacal laugh for confirmation. If it matches Lionel Luthor's, bingo.
ReveiwKing999 8 месяцев назад
+McKenzie Cooper Yeah, it always sounds more like Kelsey Grammar than Glover's usual voice to me.
wolfguy23 1 год назад
This proves that the Batman is one mystery that no one, not even someone like Riddler, could never truly, completely solve in the end.
razorjake 1 год назад
The ORIGINAL Riddler from the 60's Batman played THIS Riddler!!! ISN'T NERD HISTORY FUN??? ^_^ Seriously. look it up!
razorjake 1 год назад
O.O huh.. interesting. lol still think he's cool!
Eduardo Andrade 1 год назад
+razorjake The Riddler from this series was voiced by John Glover, best know as Lionel Luthor on Smallville.
manuel diaz 1 год назад
jim parson could totally do this in a movie
Randy Ragsdale 1 год назад
LMAO at Batman's reaction at 0:40
Eric Lehman 1 год назад
There's somewhere you go when you're out of time and air? Where's that? Any volunteers? LOL
Trei Taylor 1 год назад
This is how the Riddler should be betrayed not the over the top Jim Carrey Riddler or the weak Riddler on Gotham hell I'd prefer the Arkham City Riddler over the Gotham and Batman Forever Riddlers 
Sluntrox 1 год назад
+Trei Taylor Gotham Riddler is amazing. Him and Penguin steal the show more than not most weeks.
ChouRaiyuki 1 год назад
+Trei Taylor I always thought The Batman's Riddler was pretty good.
Xehanort10 1 год назад
+Trei Taylor Calling him gimmicky and corny just because he's not like the BTAS Riddler is pathetic and so is insulting people for not sharing your opinions.
Trei Taylor 1 год назад
+Xehanort10 naw really muthafucka I didn't know he hadn't turned into the riddler yet bitch like I said fuck that gimmicky corny as Edward Nygma on Gotham hoe B.T.A.S Riddler still will be the best bitch
Xehanort10 1 год назад
+Trei Taylor The Gotham version is Edward Nigma before he becomes The Riddler you dumbass.
ShadowLuigi~NG~ 1 год назад
Lionel Luthor. Never noticed till now.
drzerogi 2 года назад
This was one of the closest calls Batman ever had in the series. I'd understand why he wouldn't want to tell Riddler how he avoided death: it was all he could do to avoid beating the ever-loving shit out of him on the spot.
drzerogi 1 день назад
A close call is a narrow escape from danger or disaster. So what I'm saying is that this was one of Batmans most narrowest escapes from death.
don fan 1 день назад
drzerogi closest calls meaning?
TurboXV 2 года назад
Sarah Wingo 2 года назад
Eddie, you're an ass. A cute ass, but an ass none the less.
MrXavier789 1 год назад
Hahaa!!! Made my day
Eszra 2 года назад
Riddler is cute you gotta admit that.
Forlorn Visceral Acropolis 5 месяцев назад
+Alphabet Girl he saw you in your panties and said things are looking up
Alphabet Girl 1 год назад
Reg Fife 2 года назад
Should have included the part at the very end, where Riddler is screaming his head off in Arkham: HOW DID HE DO IT?? Classic stuff.
GroovyGreaser 2 года назад
God, Batman sucks
Sebastien O. 1 год назад
+TheDoctor2222 Yeah need a picture soon. I'll sub to you though.
GroovyGreaser 1 год назад
+Sebastien Olibrice Well done, you can state the obvious. Hey, look, you don't have a profile picture. Oh, my, this is Youtube.
Sebastien O. 1 год назад
+TheDoctor2222 >says batman sucks, but uploads gameplay of batman game.
GroovyGreaser 1 год назад
+Selina Kyle No worries ;D
Alphabet Girl 1 год назад
Ahhhh don't mind me then
Sam Kresil 2 года назад
Did Edward Nigma seriously had to burn away his costume?
Edward Nygma 2 года назад
He cheated! I would have had him!
Jeronimo McArthur 1 год назад
Sorry Nygma but Batman beat you fair and square Did you really expect that explosion would kill him??
James McDavid 2 года назад
Sorry, Nygma, but he knew there was one safe place in that hotel. Get it?
ksaboda 2 года назад
Batman The Animated Series. One of the best cartoons from the 90s. They drew the animation on black paper just to get that dark feel for the show.
don fan 1 день назад
ksaboda black paper? what does that mean? can you share more?
AGrayPhantom 1 год назад
I learned something new today. Thank you!
Lego Gojira (CatLover) 1 год назад
+ksaboda Once again, how interesting. :)
Lego Gojira (CatLover) 1 год назад
+AGrayPhantom Very true. The only way is to use white pencil (or ink). But it may not even be that visible.
ksaboda 1 год назад
They paint. Eric Radomski came up with the simple yet effective concept that all backgrounds be painted by using light colors on black paper, instead of dark colors on white paper as is the industry standard. The distinctive visual combination of film noir imagery and Art Deco designs with a very dark color scheme was dubbed “Dark Deco“.
Nikita Chumakov 2 года назад
What is the name if this cartoon?
SomeGuy NotHome 2 года назад
Batman The Animated Series. Episode is called Riddler's Reform. Episode number 79 (production) 73 (Air date).
Rewrite 2 года назад
Because I already died with the explosion. I'm a Ghost!.goodbye chief. SO LONG~ *Fly away*
abdelzmsn12 2 года назад
Because hes Batman !!!! 
Gabe Choi 2 года назад
Riddler here's your answer: Batman watched the fourth Indiana jones movie and decided to escape like Indy did 
75lexluther 2 года назад
if you have ninja skills you can get out of almost any situation.
Antony D'Andrea 2 года назад
Lional Luthor
Transilvano 2 года назад
THIs os my favorite version of the Riddler :=)
side2 Side 2 года назад
how Batman did it???
Samuel Perez 2 года назад
The bigger twist at the end would have been Batman not explaining how he got out. That would have scarred me for life.
Nina Djukanovic 2 года назад
Mo ihihivohobv in?? @@6
gigas81 2 года назад
All of the doors & windows were closed. He didn't have time to think of a plan. He needed to get somewhere safe. Get it??
Bat Man 1 год назад
actually it was a refrigerator It was the logical choice. I just said a safe because it sounded cooler. Refrigerators can survive nuclear blasts didn't you know? Just ask Indiana Jones.
Patrick Blake 2 года назад
Ty. Just checking.
Mostafa Saher 2 года назад
+Patrick Blake​ i watched the episode that's how he did it
Patrick Blake 2 года назад
+mostafa saher is that really how he survived? Hiding in a safe?
Mostafa Saher 2 года назад
He hid in a safe
ultimategamer1ful 3 года назад
He's the batman that's how he did it 
Andreskornandres 3 года назад
John Glover!
Damian Rocławski 3 года назад
he hided inside the tv? inside the dinosaur 's head? good riddle xD
James McDavid 2 года назад
In a safe place.
Michael Chiang 3 года назад
go batkid
Mafon2 3 года назад
Now we know from where Lucas got a fridge idea.
TheMythof Feminism 1 месяц назад
It's a pretty big leap from Just some TNT to an atomic bomb..
Riley Courter 3 года назад
The safe. 
Robert White 3 года назад
thats my little riddle. like a fucking boss :D
Halicarnassos 3 года назад
but the safe is in another room which is closed by iron doors 
qualivia 3 года назад
0:19 stop and look that's the only clue you'll get
toddsmitts 3 года назад
I know how, but I can't risk you sharing that secret with the Riddler. :p
Sviolinist 3 года назад
If you want to know how he survived, you have to study the episode more closely. There is a clue at the start of the clip in the background.
Kusuriurite 3 года назад
those aren't puzzles, the solutions are obvious. It's just i pushes what people are willing to do. 
Halicarnassos 3 года назад
anyone know how batman survived ?
Dan Fawaz 3 года назад
Oh right.I forgot he came back in that episode where Superman poses as the Bat. Ha, that was a good one. 
Vseslav Botkin 3 года назад
he actually shows up in Superman the Animated Series later (same universe)
Dan Fawaz 3 года назад
Actually he never shows up again in this series after that. So yeah, in that universe lol
mbb 3 года назад
I bet he hid in the T-Rex mouth.
Jabba The hut 3 года назад
i feel sorry for the guy stuck in the table
Robert Ivan 3 года назад
You know, most people who haven't read the comics think this is the best Batman ever.Outside the comics,I agree.
AvanCe 3 года назад
this is not batman , this a whimp in a batman suit
Filby 3 года назад
I love how the BTAS Riddler is basically the Frank Gorshin Riddler minus the camp. When you have a good thing, why mess with it?
batmandannyb 3 года назад
The Riddler and Dr. House are more concerned with solving their puzzles than the bigger pictures lol. It's a random comparison, but both characters have a similar urge. At least in my opinion.
Nadina Cardillo 3 года назад
In his origin story (Detective Comics Annual 8) we learn that robbing banks is like a boring office job to him since he never gets caught. I guess it's the same thing in the DCAU. I have my doubts about other villains however, specially minor ones who employ million-dollar tactics on their debut crime. 
sharblast 3 года назад
Indeed, we all know Arkham can't hold onto a brilliant mind like mine forever!
MethoKi 3 года назад
Nooooooooooooooo, A - He's Batman B - HE'S THE GODDAMN BATMAN
C. Stew 3 года назад
2:30 I do love a conveniently placed table whenever it comes to a fight scene.
Funny Bear Ice Cream 3 года назад
i have a clue how he survived, but i'm not going to tell to anyone
Eric Lehman 3 года назад
Do you have the full episode?
The Rye Catchers 3 года назад
They've implied in the books that riddler get's paid to plan jobs for other crooks and uses that money to fund his own fun
Justin Janicki 3 года назад
and thus the death traps in Arkham city were born, though less epic
RKSydneyAustralia 3 года назад
0:50 joker copyright ?
wanda williams 3 года назад
How did he do it
Henry 3 года назад
i reember batman said he hid in a metal box
SOID DRONE SLAYER 3 года назад
Between Riddler and Freeze had to be my favorite villains they alwayz gave batman a real challenge.
Randy Ragsdale 3 года назад
LOL at Batman losing his temper 0:41. He was ready to go off. LMAO.
pamusicman2 3 года назад
he didn't lock the 2nd story windows or the roof.