Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker - Part 6

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Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker - Part 6

For more DC Comics, subscribe NOW: When The Joker returns to Gotham City to destroy former Batman Bruce Wayne, a new Dark Knight rescues his mentor and discovers the truth about a seemingly immortal villain. After a 40-year absence, The Joker (Mark Hamill) invades Bruce Wayne's (Kevin Conroy) estate, revealing his knowledge of Wayne's past secret identity. The Joker nearly kills his nemesis, but Batman, alias Terry McGinnis (Will Friedle), Wayne's protégé, saves Wayne's life--for now. Pressured by Terry to divulge the truth, Commissioner Gordon (Angie Harmon) retells the events of the night she witnessed the total annihilation of the psychopathic Joker. So how can the Clown Prince of Crime be alive? Will this inexperienced Batman meet The Joker's challenge? Bruce Wayne's life depends on it in the action-packed animated adventure Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker. WarnerBros

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عبودي بلحمر 6 часов назад
Fraver Gamer 9 часов назад
so Tim drake became the joker
Noah Secades 4 дня назад
I saw another version where Joker gets shocked to death what happened to that?
Bluestrike 01 4 дня назад
No wonder Batman forbid to have sidekicks again after that.
Ben Geiger 5 дней назад
Joker: If don't like the movie, I've got slides. (Batman hands shaking and throws Joker out of the film booth) Batman: (slams joker up against the wall) I'll break you in two. I think that was the closest I've seen Batman (from this series) wanting to kill someone. And of course he hesitates.
MisAnthro Pony 5 дней назад
I never really understood why this version of the movie had to be censored. I've honestly seen more disturbing content from Disney movies.
Zak Naeem 6 дней назад
so im guessing this is how harley died too
Zak Naeem 11 часов назад
+Magic Note ikr i commented that before i watched the whole movie
Magic Note 11 часов назад
Zak Naeem She's not dead
solblackguy 7 дней назад
Anyone else think the censored death scene was darker than the uncensored version?
Matthew Adair 7 дней назад
The joker really got to batman.
Hafiq Shamadi 10 дней назад
Batman has lost it 6.30
Zylar 73 12 дней назад
3:50 That is black canary
stacks era 14 дней назад
I like this beyond the lot dude or chick. brings back mad good memories yo. thanks !!
Lara Duff 15 дней назад
That's seriously screwed up
Cartoon Critic 15 дней назад
This scene is what I show my friends when we have the argument over who played the Joker best: Romero, Nicholson, Ledger, and that one odd time someone suggested Leto. Mark Hamill, hands down, is the best Joker. It kind of makes me sad that he doesn't want to voice The Joker anymore, but I respect his decision nonetheless.
Carter Maclae 16 дней назад
so sad
Latrell Richardson 17 дней назад
2:58 BLACK CANARY?!?!?!
[insert name here] 17 дней назад
5:22 ❤❤❤👏
Audrey Couture 20 дней назад
Can we all agree that joker won the war in the end. even though he did die he won
Jesus Matias 20 дней назад
Dang Harley you gotten old! Oo
TheRealCringeBait 22 дня назад
wait three of us.what happened to jason todd, TO BE DECIDED IN ARKHAM KNIGHT
Stewart Allen 26 дней назад
The joker straight up made Batman look like a little bitch
bob smith 26 дней назад
I mean when Batman says so so sad
Gaming bird 64 26 дней назад
Pro Timmy
Hero of Mobius 28 дней назад
Who had it worse Tim or Jason?
Cartoon Critic 15 дней назад
On the one hand, Jason was beaten within an inch of his life with a crowbar, and then blown up. On the other hand, Tim underwent electric shock therapy and continuously poisoned by Joker's homemade chemicals to the point where his mind and sanity were damaged pretty much beyond repair. Hard decision to make, but I think I'll go with Tim on this one. His problems were more long-term, considering Jason was brought back thanks to Whiney-boy Prime punching time.
Ses Rollins 23 дня назад
Hero of Mobius Tim because he got tortured for 3 weeks
Crazysniper Gaming 27 дней назад
Jerald Hangyourself true
Jerald Hangyourself 27 дней назад
Crazysniper Gaming but Jason had to die
the immortal badass 29 дней назад
man Batman can't get a break as a hero can he
Sherlock Holmes (The Other Guy) 29 дней назад
the fact that bruce threw the fucking knife at joker shows how seeing tim in that state broke him
Patrick Wilson 30 дней назад
It isn't too hard to see why Mark Hamill was unsure about playing the Joker here.
MLG Deadpool 30 дней назад
It would be funny if it weren't so pathetic. But what the heck, I'll just laugh anyways. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Best Mark Hamill Joker Line Ever.
MLG Deadpool 30 дней назад
Bats, we've been doing this little run around of ours for YEARS. It's been loads of laughs, but the sad fact of the matter is, none of us are getting any younger.
Daniel Beja 1 месяц назад
4:06 Is like a Texas Chainsaw massacre The beginning! haha
MLG Deadpool 30 дней назад
Daniel Beja I don't get it.
Timothy Davis 1 месяц назад
At 12:28, they didn't say consistent with the storyline. Batman had just been stabbed deep into his hip by the Joker's dagger, but he gets up and walks with ease.
Eh, Canadian Gamer 1 месяц назад
Tim. 11:46 That one word uttered by Batman get's me everytime.
The Marvel Freak 1 месяц назад
I cried watching this
Enzo Mondo 1 месяц назад
That rocket Harley shot with the bazooka is so similar to the Snare Trap gadget she uses in Arkham Knight.
Enzo Mondo 1 месяц назад
The Joker's design here is so much better than the revamped version. Well, technically it's only because the revamped version sucked so much.
Enzo Mondo 1 месяц назад
Jordan Pryce is, by the way, Mark Hamill. Pryce was designed based on the Joker. Jordan also starts with the letter J. Just look at that foreshadowing.
Chris Delfos 1 месяц назад
0:23 wtf
Delon Boston 1 месяц назад
yeah man
Lucas Davis 1 месяц назад
This was messed up. I love it.
jose zavala 1 месяц назад
batman fucking teen Barbara
Gwen Dietz 1 месяц назад
I have the book and it is with me right now. I am at chapter three. it disappointed me that Harley isn't in it until chapter twelve
rasta man 1 месяц назад
Amazing Batman!
Creepolv9000 1 месяц назад
When Harley sang Mockingbird I intstantly thought about Arkham city's ending
Nikita Choudhary 1 месяц назад
one more question..didn't joker died because batman twisted his know the injustice was before batman(bruce Wayne) got old.
Bluestrike 01 4 дня назад
Thats another batman movie. Joker has in alot of different batman movies games and series died in horrible ways.
Jake Lancaster Belmont 1 месяц назад
One thing, the DCAU (DC Animated Universe AKA Bruce Timm's cartoons) is separated from the comics, the comics where influenced by it, and vice versa, yet they are separated.
Nikita Choudhary 1 месяц назад
what abt Damian Wayne or Jason todd? did they mention those 2 in batman beyond?
Jake Lancaster Belmont 1 месяц назад
They where never part of the DCAU
JAKE 1 месяц назад
2:05- 2:16, that music plays when we first see Robin in the Teen Titans 62nd episode titled Go! 
RClittleKING 1 месяц назад
this joker is so fucked up.
Charles James (Deadfax23) 1 месяц назад
The real reason he couldn't be robin again was because he killed someone
Jake Lancaster Belmont 1 месяц назад
No, Bruce realised that he just was putting lives into danger, that's why he prohibited Tim Drake to be robin again, it was because the memories would come back and more sooner than not they would do the same thing again.
Larry Quick 1 месяц назад
Ruff day huh.
Aydan Agayeva 2 месяца назад
batman güzel
Carlos Argañaraz 2 месяца назад
2:57 Black Canary version prostituta
Timothy Davis 2 месяца назад
They missed a great opportunity for the Joker to use psychological warfare!!! When he let Batman know he knew he was Bruce Wayne, they should have had the Joker flashing old newspaper reports with pictures of Bruce's parent's death on the wall while he was saying, Beneath all the stern and batarangs you're just a little boy in a playsuit whose crying for his mommy and daddy!. This would have given more dramatic flair when Batman crashed through the window and went nuts!!
Will N 2 месяца назад
Timothy Davis well Joker later tried to pyschout Terry but it didn't work because Terry told him he wasn't funny and said that he'd laugh if it weren't so pathetic but did anyway.ironic echo.
xxSpike1989xx 2 месяца назад
this was joker master plan here push/break batman far enough so that batman kills him thus proving all it takes is one bad day to turn a hero into a villain, but joker is no fool so he set up contingencies so he gets harley pregnant and uploads his consciousness into tim drake so he can gain control of his body one day! his plan back fired when robin killed him instead of batman!
Dean Decker 2 месяца назад
Mary Rodriguez 2 месяца назад
12:20 was so sad I felt my heart break a little sure joker wasn't his dad but it was still sad to see Tim cry like that 😔💔
Monsters, Creatures and Waffles 2 месяца назад
who do u like more suicide squad Harley? or cartoon Harley?
Random Guy 2 месяца назад
Wait how does Barbara know the batman side she wasn't there
Michael Brent 2 месяца назад
Harley quinn should meet terry mcginnis the new batman to explain how she servived the fall and how she finally got over her Addition to the Joker. She probably meet up with Poison Ivy or even find an Anti-Hero like Deadshot and the two had sex.
Elisa Love 2 месяца назад
Harley and Joker?!?!?!😢😱😱😱
John Scally 2 месяца назад
He didn't say I on the other hand. He said Eye on the other hand. As in, distracting Batman with one hand so he could grab a switchblade with the other. It took me 5 years to figure that one out.
mcmewtowpokémon 2 месяца назад
HA HA HA, o Robin figou engraçado de Coringa Junior
Kai Sea 2 месяца назад
So I binge watched the original series and. wow Batman Beyond is so dark and grim it's basically an entirely different version of Batman? How did the relatively hopeful and fun cartoon become. this? There's a reason I avoid the comics. Good gods. This isn't fun at all.
John McMahon 1 месяц назад
Joker hardly won, he got shot by Robin and then his clone (which is essentially what his reincarnation boils down to) gets killed off in the end before he can really do anything of consequence. Bruce Wayne never gave up the fight until he was literally too old to fight, and while he's portrayed as fairly bitter in the Beyond TV show, he's coming back out of his shell and resuming something of a normal life, with him taking control of Wayne Enterprises again and all. The protagonist, Terry, is well-adjusted and never ends up suffering any real tragedy. What it does do is address some things that basically make zero sense, like Batman (who knows plenty about childhood loss) literally recruiting a child soldier to fight murderous psychopaths. Either none of his villains are a threat to a kid, in which case they aren’t a threat to Batman – so why should we care? – or Bruce simply doesn’t care about the safety of the kids around him – which makes him an outright villain. Anything addressing these will necessarily be fairly dark, but that doesn't mean they should just be ignored. I also don't see how it's clever to have a story end on sunshine and rainbows when the vast majority of stories end with the main characters getting a completely happy ending. There's room in the world for slightly more cynical happy endings.
Kai Sea 1 месяц назад
See I don't mind people dying, that's not the point at all. Even if people die there can still be happy endings? The fact it's just not a possibility for ANY of the characters in this film is what puts me off. 'Oh it doesn't matter how hard you struggle, the bad guys always win' vibe. Joker won in this film, where the appeal of the cartoons for me wasn't so much 'the good guys always win' so much as the Joker never outright destroyed them emotionally like he did here. Joker is dangerous for what he can do, but the good guys were always strong enough to weather the storm. And suddenly there's this shift from 'Joker almost does something that's implied to be traumatic' to nightmare fuel like this. Imagine if the characters in the sailor moon comics were so traumatised by what they'd seen that they gave up the fight? That's what it feels like. (If you haven't read the comics, despite the sparkles and happiness there's a lot of gruesome deaths, trauma and PTSD going on in there.) For me the appeal of superheroes is that no matter what happens they don't give up and they keep fighting for that happy ending and they EARN something of a peaceful end. Not outright misery. If you give a character a terrible hand of cards, it's too easy to write a terrible ending. What I find clever is heroes who play what they're dealt and manage to eke out some happiness in between.
John McMahon 1 месяц назад
It actually is darker than a large chunk of the comics. You remember Joker's Millions? That's a straight adaptation (aside from Harley, of course) of a comic, and is pretty representative of 20-30 years of Batman comics. Anyways, there are a lot of Joker episodes that were rather neutered by the fact that Joker is portrayed as this menacing, homicidal maniac.. who never succeeds in taking a single life. The sheer lunacy of the Joker trying to patent fish in The Laughing Fish and the lengths he was willing to go to in order to secure that impossible patent were undercut by the fact that all Batman had to do was inject the clerks after the Joker got to him. There’s little tension if Batman doesn’t even have to beat the Joker, and can arrive a little while after his foe has already been there and caused the damage. People don't have to die, I'm pretty fond of the '60s TV show, but TAS portrays the villains as being pretty close to their comic/movie counterparts, so they feel less like city-threatening supervillains only Batman can stop than “garden-variety whackos who threatens people with whoopie cushions and squirty flowers. There's a reason that whenever the writers or TAS were free from broadcasting restrictions (the movies, the DCAU comics) things become darker.
Kai Sea 1 месяц назад
I mean compared to the films and comics? It's pretty dark and grim for a kids cartoon sure, but the villains always had hope of redemption (minus Joker) and Bruce is genuinely a nice person? He doesn't go overboard with the violence but he doesn't take shit either, then as Bruce Wayne he funds their healthcare, jobs and accomodation. He bought Harley that dress she wanted just to be nice. In the movies he's a horrible excuse for a human being who just uses his trauma as a reason to put people in the hospital. Harley genuinely had a shot at getting free of The Joker and never used deadly weapons, contrast her popgun and punchglove with Joker's Toxin and machine guns. If she killed people it was more incidental than the goal itself. Plus she's always been protective of kids and people she likes from Joker (Ivy, Bud and Lou, all the other villains who she considers friends.) The comics and movies never have anything happy happen unless it's just to crush the characters more. I wouldn't even mind what happened to Tim here if he had a happy life afterwards, but no. Everyone ends up old and bitter and alone. Because things aren't ever allowed to turn out well in DC comics. TAS had a threat of death. But not torture and a lifetime of pain and suffering in exchange for more pain and suffering. There was always hope at the end of every episode that maybe, maybe things will be better. Taking all that away makes everyone's character arcs seem pointless. They learn nothing. They never reconcile because apparently everyone has the emotional maturity of a teaspoon. Everyone is alone and everything is awful. Not everything has to be sunshine and rainbows. But a bit of cheer and hope balances things out and keeps you invested. Why bother watching if nothing ever changes?
John McMahon 1 месяц назад
What happened was the writers had actual creative freedom without a bunch of corporate executives telling what to do. Although seeing you describe TAS relatively hopeful and fun is kind of ironic, given the show was regarded as being extremely dark and grim at the time.
Garret Galvin 2 месяца назад
Bryson Maximus 2 месяца назад
huh, I remember the joker's death to be different. When I watched this, Tim pushed the joker back into the equipment and he hit the switch, electrocuting him to death. Wonder why they changed it.
Bryson Maximus 2 месяца назад
Thanks for clearing that up. Though I'm not sure which is more gruesome. Being shot or being electrocuted to death.
Jake Lancaster Belmont 2 месяца назад
That was the censored version, this is the original one.
Lindsay VonWynne 2 месяца назад
Okay I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed this at panel 2:58 the blonde woman batgirl is talking to is Black Canary how wild that she has some screen time in this.
james carlo ragada 2 месяца назад
Heh harley is dead
Jake Lancaster Belmont 2 месяца назад
No, this is the movie for the series.
james carlo ragada 2 месяца назад
Movie?? this is just a series.
Jake Lancaster Belmont 2 месяца назад
Watch the rest of the movie
Thiago Nolding 2 месяца назад
Mark hammil is the best joker forever!
Bluestrike 01 4 дня назад
Thats Right. He gives Joker a full personality in every corner.
Jessica Fulghum 2 месяца назад
joker Jr killed joker
Luke Embling 2 месяца назад
The epic climactic ending to one of the best animated shows of all time. Mark, Kevin I take my hat off to you good sirs. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Glad they've not ruined this scene with a movie. .. Yet.
nightwolf37 “nightwolf” 2 месяца назад
wow i didnt know lunny tunes existed in dc cartoons 0_0
Michael Brent 1 месяц назад
It's piss me off when I saw harley & Joker Gain up on Robin and turning him into a Monster. If Ace was still alive and had her power she would have ended his life.
nightwolf37 “nightwolf” 2 месяца назад
+Jake Lancaster Belmont oh 0_0
Jake Lancaster Belmont 2 месяца назад
They made references to it in all the episodes.
SolarBuzzardHD 3 месяца назад
holy shit
Shane Is Bae GUAVA Juice is Name 3 месяца назад
Beyond the lot is skipping things from these episodes
Scott Rowe 3 месяца назад
Really I wanna see some Jason Todd but only Dick & Tim
Scott Rowe 1 месяц назад
Gabriel Martinez well at least when they found him having a hard time when he was young but I guess not than
Gabriel Martinez 1 месяц назад
Fat Boy actually Jason was never in the DCAU
Fat Boy 1 месяц назад
Scott Rowe jason as robin was dead in the continuity when this was made
khailie marie 3 месяца назад

Jay Remy 3 месяца назад
Did they really have Bugs Bunny in Batman??!?!!???
smiley smilerface 3 месяца назад
smiley smilerface 2 месяца назад
i know lol i realized
Jake Lancaster Belmont 2 месяца назад
Watch the rest of the movie
Brian Phan 3 месяца назад
11:07 I on the other hand oor Eye on the other hand Clever Joker is clever
J_ScottTheRose 3 месяца назад
Hm why does it seem different? I remember the joker slipping and pulling a lever and electrocuting himself. Unless that was something else. But I swear it was this movie.
J_ScottTheRose 3 месяца назад
The Nintendo Kid ah ok I knew some things felt different. I had this movie on VHS as a kid but broke it so
The Nintendo Kid 3 месяца назад
J_ScottTheRose that was the censored version
Squid Manley 3 месяца назад
So Harley died?
zZFreudZzQC 3 месяца назад
Autumn Welsh 3 месяца назад
Aww Tim :'(
Ryan McGlade 3 месяца назад
I like the original series more
Carter Martinez 3 месяца назад
Who would ever shut joker I would not I like the joker robin just shut him and joker said that's not funny and The flag and Go's through his body
simonster -909 3 месяца назад
Ok, theres a HUGE mistake in continuity. If the Joker died here, then how is he in an episode of Justice League which takes place AFTER this flashback. This makes no sense.
marvelousdcgeek 97 3 месяца назад
Bruce Timm said that this flashback takes place after Justice League Unlimited season finale Destroyer
Anime Quinn 3 месяца назад
finally something I can watch when I'm sad wow this makes me happy😊
iTz DD 3 месяца назад
What happened to robin?
iTz DD 3 месяца назад
ShinyMega Gamingzz 3 месяца назад
DZalva14 3 месяца назад
I miss Bugs Bunny and his crew
FirstPerson Gaming 3 месяца назад
umm where is robin why is his suit in the bat cave
Deadpool the Mercenary 3 месяца назад
Goku Come out you coward! You killed Harley You Bitch!
Manny Zozaya 3 месяца назад
I'll be honest, as a batfan, it doesn't get much better than this. 9:00- 10:32 is some of the best Conroy/Hammil dynamic I've heard as them as Batman/Joker. Besides the games of course lol.
ALEX BACICH #2 3 месяца назад
rip Harley Quinn (1991-2000)
Corey Davis 3 месяца назад
did anybody else notice the chick who resembled black canary being questioned by batgirl?
the dragonlord 4 месяца назад
wait what happened to daiman
Sophia Solis 4 месяца назад
This is too dark for me cause I love Tim
British Nerd 4 месяца назад
I love how all of Batman's composure and control are lost when he sees the video. He just b*tch slaps joker