[All rights belong to DC Comics & Warner Bros.] Batman let's loose thousands of bats on the Gotham Police as he makes his escape from a abandoned building. :D

Only a few deaths.Mostly when it came to confronting Mad Dog during the showdown. Game crashed too,hence the cut from Shooting Beaver to the scene at Superstition Mountain/finding the treasure. Enjoy!

Brilliant scene showing how Clark manages to bring the light out of his darker version from the Mirror World.

Honestly,I don't defend this movie apart from the quite scenes like this one. I really enjoy the exchange between Alfred and Bruce,as the latter questions whether or not his leadership is causing the rift between the Dynamic Duo,taking charge all the time and being self-centered,we also see a touching flashback to Alfred and Bruce stood over his parents grave. Honestly my favorite scene in the entire film from a personal point of view.

Again, slight spoilers for the ending. Galvez might be the best villain in the entire series just for having a prosthetic rocket hand, that doubles as a lighter.

Renly is killed by the Red Priestess' shadow assassin in his camp.

Taken from the 1990 film starring Warren Beatty. :) [All credit to Danny Elfman for this soundtrack]

XD Best actor ever,you have to love how intense he is in this role too. :D

Crisper,faster and more interactive,welcome to the Remastered Version of Dracula Resurrection.

All rights and material belong to Warner Bros. and the CW,I own none of the footage in this video.

Most of the game over screens are from Delta Force and SWAT,but aside from that this was a pretty decent run.Cheesy as hell though.

Yes! We're going to tackle this again. Oh the joys. The plus side is that the game runs and looks a lot prettier, has a better combat system and.that's pretty much it. No save stating either I'm afraid since the game doesn't support them.

Starting off with the audio-outakes/goof reel,the unused video-clips from the game,and lastly the 'making of' documentary ^__^

Get used to that game over screen,because it's going to be seen a lot in this video. Maybe I'll get round to recording a full,complete run of the game at some point though.

I'll let the footage speak for it'self on this one.

Yes,I'm back to recording this again =P After a few teething issues with my emulator,we return to obnoxious puzzles,hiding from monkeys and tryingo get a handle on the 'story'. xD If you want a direct continuation from Part 5,skip to Part 8. :)

So apparently, dying doesn't just mean starting the level from scratch, it causes the game to crash to the desktop. I'll edit out the hiccups in future though. And we're still exploring the Medical Bay, oh joy.

Some minor issues to begin with,and at the end so I'm sorry about that. :(

We take the final steps towards the end of our story,as the heroes gather to end the reign of terror set forth by Count Dracula,will we succeed as Jonathon and our brother did once before,or will we fall victim the overwhelming power of the Count? Thanks for all those who contributed with your positive feedback by the way!

Managed to bullshit my way past that terrible door puzzle at last,without even needing to apply any kind of brain power! I also for some reason have ended up on a treasure hunt.

I had the microphone turned off the entire time. T__T

(All footage is owned by Warner Bros. Entertainment and characters by DC Comics,I own nothing in this video) Clark Kent finally adopts his secret identity :)

I can't remember what happened here XD

All rights belong to DC Comics and Warner Bros. Entertainment,none of this is owned by me,characters or footage wise.

Such a dumb fight,full of cheesy one-liners and awful costumes. Still,it's better than 99.9% of the film. ;)

A very sad scene,makes me wonder how Finale will play out even more.

One of the best moments from the marathon, Swagger Poppins falling asleep on stream. XD

Again with the nonsensical design and structure of this place.it's like taking a trip into Hell.

Clark opts for a phone booth to change into his Blur costume,one of the best parts of the episode :D

Really? Yellow Blood? XD Been wanting to play this game for ages,so I thought I'd share the first time experience with y'all,I really hope you all enjoy this as much as I am so far. :D

Oh yes,I decided to go back to this,and in fairness to it I think the game is pretty okay,tough in places but It manages to pull of stealth pretty well. :)

I really thought that was the end of the game for a second,the cutscene made it seem like the Ark would wrap everything up. Looks like this might be the final level though! Maybe.

Welcome to a Longplay of a very awesome point n' click adventure title,where you play a FBI agent and her grandfather,tracking down a sadistic serial killer in two separate time periods,giving you different angles on scenarios,puzzles and character interaction. Welcome,to Still Life ^__^

PROGRESS FEELS GOOD Quite a fair amount accomplished here,several levels done and I think I might actually be getting a hang of the stealth xD Apologises too for the long episode,later ones will be shorter. ^__^!

The Collingswood Story: Attic Scene Фрагмент с начала видео The Collingswood Story: Attic Scene Фрагмент с средины видео The Collingswood Story: Attic Scene Фрагмент с конца видео The Collingswood Story: Attic Scene
The Collingswood Story: Attic Scene

One of the most intense horror movies of the past few years for me,centered on the relationship between John and Rebecca,and the enigmatic Vera Madeline,the three characters are drawn into a mystery involving a demonic cult. The finale reaches a extremely intense 20 minutes,as Rebecca broadcasts live from the attic where the rituals are supposedly carried out to this day.

Clearing up the last of the Mines and moving on to the Ruined City. This part is a great example of how bad I am at this.

Can't figure out if the game is broken or if I'm genuinely this bad at it. Still,progress at last! Sort of.I'm not enjoying these later levels though at all.

ZOMG. I fucking hate these mines so much D=

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