A detailed look at the Lego My First Console (Sprite Edition) Nintendo game console building kit designed by Chris McVeigh. Pieces: 220 Price $48.50 Includes two classic controllers and two cartridges (as pictured). Just flip open the door on the main unit to insert and remove cartridges! Main unit is approximately 3.75 wide x 1.5 tall x 3.25 deep (9.5 cm x 3.5 cm x 8 cm).

A detailed look at the Minecraft Jungle Tree House featuring Alex, Steve, a Creeper, a Skeleton, a sheep and for the first time an Ocelot. The end of the video shows an alternative build that is shown in the third instruction book. Subscribe for weekly videos covering City, Friends, Ninjago, Technic, Minecraft, Elves and many more. Facebook: . Twitter:

Fly high at the Airport Air Show with 2 jets and an old-fashioned plane with spinning propeller. Includes 6 minifigures, hangar, airport service car and a tool wagon Pieces 670 Price $89.99 Check out the cool jets and the neat old-fashioned plane before they take off, then watch them do their tricks in the air. Cheer along with the crowd as the planes come in for a landing and head back to the hangar, then join the mechanic and help keep the planes in tip-top shape for the next event. Subscribe for weekly videos.

A detailed look at the Lego City Pizza Van with Scooter and two Minifigures. Pieces 249 Price $19.99 Make and serve some pizza for your customers with the Lego City Pizza Van, featuring a van with opening sides and kitchen space in the back, a scooter and a buildable table with parasol. Includes two mini figures. Subscribe for weekly videos.

A detailed look at the smallest of the Star Wars VII The Force Awakens set released on September 4, 2015, also known as Force Friday. Pieces: 193 Price $19.99 Hover into action on Rey's Speeder. This cool landspeeder has everything Rey needs for scouting the surface of a desert planet, including dual stud shooters, opening storage hatch and side-mounted bag, blaster, buzzsaw and electrobinoculars. There’s also a detachable sled with space for a minifigure when Rey must make a quick escape down the desert dunes! Recreate your own fantastic scenes from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Includes 2 minifigures: Rey and Unkar’s Thug with a crowbar.

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A detailed look at the Lego Minecraft Iron Golem Pieces 208 Price $19.99 The sun is heading for the horizon and hostile mobs will soon be roaming the Minecraft landscape. You'll need to protect yourself and your baby pig. Mine the iron ore with your diamond pickaxe, smelt iron ingots in the furnace and craft iron blocks using the crafting table. Then use the pumpkin head to create the iron golem, and spring a surprise attack on the zombie.

A detailed look at Lego Pirates Treasure Island paired with 70409 Shipwreck Defense. Treasure Island $19.99 Pieces: 181 Shipwreck Defense $12.99 Pieces: 84 The rogue pirate and the pirate queen have discovered a secret cave containing a treasure chest full of booty, but a Bluecoat Soldier has arrived in his armed rowboat! Weave through the cannon fire, draw your cutlass and capture the pesky pirates. Then tip the palm tree to open the huge skull gate, recover the stolen treasure and sail the scalawags to the nearest dungeon! But look out for the hungry crocodile lurking beneath the waves! Join the fun and adventure with the LEGO® PiratesTreasure Island set. Combine with the 70409 Shipwreck Defense for an even bigger pirate adventure! Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: a pirate queen, pirate and a Bluecoat Soldier.

A detailed look at set 75090 Ezra's Speeder Bike. Includes both Ezra and Sabine Wren. 253 pieces US $19.99

A detailed look at the Lego City Ambulance Plane. Pieces: 183 Price $19.99 Load the motorcyclist in the Ambulance Plane and head to LEGO City, with a motorbike, stretcher and 3 minifigures: a pilot, doctor and a motorcyclist.

A detailed look at the Lego Star Wars TIE Fighter from the Ultimate Collector's Series. Pieces: 1685 Price $199.99 Featured in many of the action-packed Star Wars™ battle scenes, including the decisive battle that led to the destruction of the first Death Star, this large-scale LEGO-brick rendition of the classic Imperial starfighter has intricate detailing, as well as an opening top hatch and an exclusive TIE Fighter Pilot™ minifigure with a blaster pistol. And when you want to keep it safe from Rebel attack, mount the model on the display stand and keep yourself updated with all the key facts and figures on the included fact plaque. The Ultimate Collector Series TIE Fighter is the perfect addition to your Star Wars collection.

A detailed look at a set that was inspired by The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug movie. Subscribe for more builds.

A detailed look at the Lego First Order Transporter from the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Pieces: 792 Price $89.99 This heavily armored First Order Transporter is packed with features, like dual spring-loaded shooters, top-mounted dual-stud shooter and hatch with space for a minifigure, pilot cabin with opening hatch and space for 4 minifigures in the hold, big engines at the rear, and hidden, transparent wheels for a cool ‘hover’ look. You can also remove the top section for easy access. Get ready to recreate incredible battle scenes from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Includes 7 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: 2 Resistance Soldiers, 2 First Order Flametroopers, 2 First Order Stormtroopers and Captain Phasma.

A detailed look at the Lego Friends Heartlake Performance School. Pieces 774 Price $79.99 Travel to the Lego Friends Heartlake Performance School in the iconic yellow school bus with opening doors and removable roof. Use the opening lockers to store school stuff then head to the classroom, canteen or studio. The musical instruments can all be removed to create a performance space with viewing bench and rotating speaker outside. Includes Andrea, Noah and Iva mini-doll figures. Subscribe fro weekly videos.

A detailed look at the Lego Star Wars Rebels Wookiee Gunship. US - $69.99 UK - £59.99

A detailed look at the Lego Star Wars Rebels 75083 AT-DP US $49.99

A detailed look at the Lego City Fire Boat. Pieces 412 Price $79.99 The lighthouse is on fire. Rush to the rescue in the Fire Boat, aim the water cannon and put out the flames with the special water stud shooter. Send the diver out to make sure the lighthouse keeper is safe. Keep the lighthouse from burning down.

A detailed look at the Battle Droid Troop Carrier. Release Date - January 1, 2015 Pieces - 565 US - $39.99 Bring in reinforcements at the Battle of Naboo with the LEGO® Star Wars™ Battle Droid Troop™ Carrier. Help the Pilot Battle Droids unload the racks of Battle Droids and detachable blaster racks before the Gungan Warrior has time to take aim and fire. As featured in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, this detailed transporter also features a detachable driver compartment that can be attached at either end and hidden wheels to help it glide across the floor. Can the Gungans stop the Trade Federation talking over their home planet? Includes a Gungan Warrior minifigure with a weapon, plus 2 Pilot Battle Droids and 12 Battle Droids with weapons.

A detailed look at the Lego City Deep Sea Helicopter. Pieces: 388 Price $49.99 The deep-sea explorers in their submarine are being attacked by a shark and need your help. Jump aboard the awesome Deep Sea Helicopter, spin the powerful twin rotors and thunder over the ocean at breakneck speed. When you reach the scene, lower the winch, hook up the submarine and head for the safety of land. It’s just another day for a LEGO City helicopter hero.

A detailed look at the X-Men vs. The Sentinel. Includes a 6 Sentinel robot and the Blackbird Jet with Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine and Magneto.

A detailed look at the Star Wars Death Star Final Duel. An unforgettable scene taken from the movie Star Wars Movie: Return of the Jedi. Pieces: 724 Price $79.99 Reenact the epic final duel between Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine from the movie Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. This amazing LEGO Star Wars recreation of Emperor Palpatine’s throne room aboard the second Death Star features loads of great play details, like swing-out side sections for easy play, opening entrance doors, Force Jump function, collapsing stairs and bridge, reactor shaft, and detachable throne section with rotating throne and hidden Lightsaber pop-up function. Can Luke overpower the Royal Guards? Will Lord Vader rescue his son from Palpatine’s deadly Force Lightning attack and send the evil Sith Lord tumbling down the reactor shaft? Only you can decide! Includes 5 minifigures with assorted weapons: Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine and 2 Royal Guards.

A detailed look at a MOC that pairs perfectly with the Lego City High Speed Passenger Train. Designed by All New Bricks. Subscribe for weekly videos.

A detailed look at the TIE Advanced Prototype from the Star Wars Rebels Disney XD series. 355 pieces US $39.99 Hunt down rogue rebels on planet Lothal in the experimental LEGO® Star Wars™ TIE Advanced Prototype™. Developed from TIE Fighter design, The Inquisitor’s top secret starship is packed with advanced technology, like folding wings for flight and landing modes, 2 spring-loaded shooters and an opening top hatch. The rebels’ battle for freedom just got a whole lot tougher! Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons: The Inquisitor, a TIE Fighter Pilot and an Imperial Officer.

A detailed look at the Lego Ideas The Big Bang Theory. Pieces: 484 Price $59.99 Indulge your inner genius and build this LEGO® version of Leonard and Sheldon’s living room as seen in the hit American sitcom The Big Bang Theory! This set was created by two LEGO fan designers — Ellen Kooijman from Sweden and Glen Bricker from the USA — and selected by LEGO Ideas members. Featuring loads of authentic details to satisfy all The Big Bang Theory devotees and including mini figures of all seven main characters from the show, it’s ideal for display or role-play fun. Includes 7 minifigures with assorted accessory elements: Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Howard, Raj, Amy and Bernadette.

A detailed look at the Lego City Service Truck and Demolition Starter Set. 60073 Service Truck - Price $24.99 Pieces: 233 60072 Demolition Starter Set - Price $9.99 Pieces: 85 Bubble, bubble, toilet trouble! Work is over at the construction site, and it’s time to move the portable toilet to its next destination. Help the driver lift the portable toilet using the powerful crane located at the rear of the awesome Service Truck, “aargh… hey!” Uh-oh… don’t forget to check if the toilet is engaged before you start! Includes 2 minifigures with assorted accessories: a driver and a worker.

A detailed look at the Lego Minecraft 21122 The Nether Fortress. Pieces 571 Price $79.99 This forbidding structure is protected by an array of hostile mobs. Help Alex defeat the Blaze that guards the fortress. Take your diamond pickaxe and mine glowstone to light your way, but be careful not to trigger a lava flow. Build an access point to breach the fortress wall, grab your diamond sword and spring a surprise attack on the Zombie Pigman. Take on the red-eyed, fireball-shooting Ghast to obtain the chest containing 2 diamonds and a golden sword, collect mushrooms and Nether wart, and mine Nether quartz ore. It’s all in a day’s work for a LEGO Minecraft hero. Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Steve, Alex and a Zombie Pigman, plus a Blaze and a Ghast.

A detailed look at Clay's Rumble Blade. Pieces 367 Price $39.99 Deploy the trusty Claybots on their Sword Break Bikes to seek out the evil Ash Attacker and mischievous Scurrier. Launch Clay Moorington into action on his detachable Sword Speeder and shoot missiles at the enemies. Can Clay prove his worth as a knight and protect the kingdom of Knighton? Includes 3 scannable shields for NEXO Powers: Backlash Lightning, Phoenix Blaze and Slime Blast.

A detailed look at the Heartlake Riding Club with Stephanie and Mia along with two horses, Ninja and Spice. Pieces 575 Price $59.99 Train and care for horses at the LEGO Friends Heartlake Riding Club with rotating exerciser and adjustable-height jump. There's a stable for each horse, a changing room, cafeteria, loft bedroom and a range of riding and horse-care accessory elements. Includes Mia and Stephanie mini-doll figures, plus 2 horses and a mouse. Subscribe for weekly videos.

A detailed look at the Lego Minecraft Desert Outpost. Pieces: 519 Price $59.99 Hostile mobs are spawning like never before, and the desert is becoming a very scary place to be. It’s time to build The Desert Outpost. Help Alex construct the house and lookout tower, build a protective wall and ring the fortress with burning torches. Have the tame wolf stand guard while you craft a bed, table, door, ladder and a boat, then sail out in search of crops to farm within the outpost walls. As darkness falls, silhouettes of approaching skeletons appear on the desert horizon. Grab your weapons, load up the TNT launcher, and prepare for battle. Rebuild the set for more LEGO creations. Includes 2 mini-figures with assorted weapons and accessories: Steve and Alex, plus a wolf and 2 skeletons.

A detailed look at the Lego Arctic Supply Plane. Pieces 374 Price $49.99

A detailed look at the Lego City Van & Caravan. Pieces: 250 Price $19.99 Get ready for vacation time. Pack up the grill and food and remember the dog’s bone. Bring the coffee maker and drive to the campground in your van, hauling your caravan. Set up the caravan and get ready for fun. Summer camping is great in Lego City.

A detailed look at the Lego City Ferry and the many cars that it can carry. Pieces 301 Price $29.99 Get ready for another exciting day in LEGO City. Hop in the car and head to the port. Lower the gate and drive onto the Ferry and then help the captain set sail. Call and set up your next business meeting as the ferry pulls up to the dock, then drive off the boat and be on your way.

A detailed look at the Lego Star Wars 75052 Mos Eisley Cantina from Stars Episode IV. Featuring Luke Skywalker - Obi-Wan Kanobi - Greedo - Han Solo - Sandtrooper with Dewback and Bith Musicians.

A detailed look at Elsa's Ice Castle from the Disney movie Frozen. Pieces: 292 Price $39.99 Hop aboard the sleigh and join Anna and Olaf as they pay a visit to Queen Elsa’s beautiful ice palace for some frosty fun! What will they do first? Play hide and seek behind the secret staircase, or go skating around the castle? They could ski down the ice hill or prepare frozen treats in the castle’s ice cream bar and then get ready for a picnic in the snow under the magnificent icicle tree. It’s all up to you! First have fun building Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle. Then it’s time to play! Includes Queen Elsa and Princess Anna mini-doll figures, plus Olaf the snowman.

A detailed look at the Lego Airport VIP Service. Pieces 364 Price $49.99 Make sure you have all your important papers packed and ready. Help the pilot get the private plane ready for the next client, who should be arriving shortly. Drive the businesswoman to the airport in the limousine and make sure she gets to her plane on time. Take a seat and buckle up—it's time for takeoff.

A detailed look at the Lego City 2 in 1 Service Station. Pieces 515 Price $89.99 Open the service station and start your day as an auto mechanic. Put a car on the lift and repair it, then clean it up it in the wash station. Rebuild the model into the gas station, fill up the waiting cars and send them on their way, then use the tow truck to bring in a broken-down car for repair. With this set you can decide what to build and what you want to do.

A detailed look at Anakin's Custom Jedi Starfighter. Includes Anakin Skywalker and Asajj Ventress minifigures, plus an Astromech Droid. 370 Pieces US $39.99

A detailed look at the Lego City 60068 Crooks Hideout. US - $69.99 UK - £59.99

A detailed look at 3 incredibly detailed models of iconic birds from around the globe. Pieces: 580 Price $44.99 Get closer to nature with these intricate Lego models of well-known birds! Created by keen gardener and bird enthusiast Thomas Poulsom and selected by Lego Ideas members, each replica bird hails from a different continent: the Robin from Europe; the Blue Jay from North America; and the Hummingbird from South America. These beautiful and detailed models come with their own presentation stands showing their scientific names, so that you can display your birds for allto enjoy or detach and play as you wish. This set also includes 3 booklets containing lots more information about each of these fascinating species as well as the creator of these amazing models.

A detailed look at the large, brick-built 7194 Jedi Master Yoda that was released in 2002 as part of the LEGO Classic Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Series line.

A detailed look at both Jurassic World Raptor sets [75917 Raptor Rampage and 75920 Raptor Escape]. 75917 Raptor Rampage Pieces: 324 Price $49.99 75920 Raptor Escape Pieces: 394 Price $39.99 The mobile vet unit is under attack from Blue and Charlie, two marauding raptors. Drive the powerful vehicle at top speed to evade their charges. Join Owen on the motorbike to distract the dinosaurs and lure them away with the flare. Fire the rotating rooftop shooter to repel the raptors and put them to sleep with the ACU trooper’s tranquilizer gun. Jump into the high-speed offroader and set off in hot pursuit. Fire the flick shooter and use Barry’s tranquilizer gun to tame the menacing marauder. Meanwhile, the other raptor has triggered the trap function to bring the vet toppling down into its pen. Rush back to save him before the raptor can grab him in its snapping jaws.

A detailed look the Lego Star Wars 75104 Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle from the movie Star Wars The Force Awakens Episode VII. Pieces: 1005 Price $119.99 Enter the battle with Kylo Ren’s personal Command Shuttle. This highly detailed starship has loads of features, including opening front, rear and bottom storage bays; wing-mounted, spring-loaded shooters and detachable weapon racks. Activate the amazing extending wing function. It’s time to hunt down the enemy and play out your own great scenes from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Includes 6 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Kylo Ren, General Hux, First Order Officer, 2 First Order Crew and a First Order Stormtrooper Officer.

A detailed look at the largest of the Lego Ninjago sets. Pieces: 2028 Price $199.99 The highly detailed Temple building has many delightful architectural features including Oriental–style decorated windows and sliding doors. The intricate wooden-frame-style walls of the nearby Blacksmiths and beautiful curved roofs of the Smugglers Market will also test your Lego building skills. And with every Ninja included in one set for the first time, plus loads of other key characters, you can role-play all your favorite Ninjago adventures. Take tea in the reception area of the Temple, practice your Ninja moves in the training room or join Wu in his study to read or paint. Discover the Ninja glider upstairs at the Blacksmith’s workshop, cross the bridge guarded by the stone dragons and seek out hidden treasure at the Smugglers’ Market. Then turn off the lights in your room to watch the Temple’s illuminated spinning shadow theater. Includes 12 minifigures with assorted weapons: Lloyd, Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, Nya, Wu, Misako, Dareth, Postman, Jesper and Claire.

A detailed look at the Lego Disney Princess Frozen Fever 41068 Arendelle Castle Celebration and 41066 Anna & Kristoff's Sleigh Adventure. Castle - Pieces: 477 - Price $59.99 Sleigh - Pieces: 174 - Price $29.99 Help Elsa and Olaf prepare the courtyard outside for Anna’s party, but keep the Snowgies away from all the sweets. It’s time to wake Anna up and search for her birthday presents hidden in the castle. Get ready at the vanity in Anna’s bedroom. Search for gifts in the living room with its grandfather clock. Then slide down the roof into the courtyard for cake and birthday celebrations.

A detailed look at the 21108 Ghostbusters Ecto-1 vehicle that LEGO Ideas members requested. Check out the Lego 70816 Benny's Spaceship

A detailed look at the Lego City Museum Break-In. Thank you for watching and be sure to Subscribe. Enjoy.

A detailed look at the Lego Heavy-Haul Train. Pieces: 984 Price $199.99 Here comes the Heavy-Haul Train. It’s busy at the LEGO City goods yard. The welder is carrying out some last minute repairs on the tracks while the driver and engineer do the final checks on the powerful diesel engine. Climb aboard the giant, sliding crane, lower the hook and carefully lift the heavy helicopter onto the flatbed wagon. Then take control of the rugged backhoe and gather the heavy bricks together while the crane operator scoops them up and drops them into the hopper wagon.When all the cargo is aboard, load up the backhoe and you’re ready to roll. This tough motorized train with an 8-channel, 7-speed infrared remote control can haul just about anything.

A detailed look at the Ninjago Misfortunes Keep. Pieces: 754 Price $79.99 Fly Lloyd’s booster jet into battle with the sky pirates’ airship Misfortune’s Keep, featuring rotating engines, disc shooters and pirate jet. Subscribe for weekly videos.

Witness the majority of what families are able to experience. Featuring sculptures from various themes like Super Heroes, Cars, The Hobbit, Teenage Mutant Turtles, Indiana Jones, The Lego Movie, Lego Friends, Guardians of The Galaxy and Massive Layouts.

A detailed look at Lego Elves Fire Dragons Lava Cave. Pieces 441 Price $39.99 Join Emily Jones and Azari Firedancer the fire elf, as they explore the Lava Cave. Meet Zonya the fire dragon, then enter the Lava Cave with the use of Azari's magic fire powers. Discover the secret map and roast a marshmallow around the campfire. Spend the night tucked into the warm and cozy moss beds in the cave, and in the morning join Emily and Azari on Zonya's back for an epic flight. Subscribe for weekly videos.

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