Hastily edited myself with windows movie maker. In, like, 3 seconds omg.

Poteet 07 Musical. Its about time Jared.

This is the first thing I ever filmed. It was edited by turning the camera on and off. Made in 2001

It's in the original aspect ratio. A thousand apologies.

All El Diablo has ever wanted was to be in the Society of Villains. This is his application interview. Let's see how it goes. . . Thanks to Jon and Kylie; I couldn't have done it without either of you. . . This is the youtube cut. There are two missing scenes, which explains why there isn't a Powers II scene.

Just something I made a few days ago to play with editing. Don't expect extraordinary acting. I literally searched google for sad monologue, printed the first result, and just said it right there. This isn't meant as an acting exercise.

nothing too crazy. standard slow-mo ending

Hastily made for a project. Had to make that deadline.

Made almost four years ago. It was my very first attempt. At anything. It was edited with Windows Movie Maker. It shows. It was shot with Adam's digital camera, not a camcorder. It shows.

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